Enjoy a wide variety of activities at the Lodge including boating, paddling, fishing and more!

Lake Temagami offers many activities for the true adventurer and explorer in everyone! The area contains some of the most extensive canoe routes in Canada, as well as the largest old growth red and white pine stands in the world. Lake Temagami’s clear water and miles of shoreline provide ample boating and fishing opportunities for novice and experienced anglers and boaters alike.


Lake Temagami is 52,448 acres in size, has a maximum depth of 363 feet and an average depth of 60 feet. These features coupled with crystal clear waters and plenty of bottom structure create the perfect environment for a variety of fish including lake trout, pickerel (walleye), smallmouth bass, northern pike and whitefish. If adventure is what you are looking for there are numerous portage lakes accessible from the shores of Temagami with plenty of opportunities to catch speckled trout. As avid anglers we would be more than happy to swap fishing stories, offer up tips, or point you to just the right spot.


Lake Temagami is over 16,000 square kilometres with just under 1,300 islands, and boasts 4,700 km of canoe routes! These extensive routes provide a range of paddling opportunities for novice adventurers to the most experienced paddlers and plenty of enjoyable day trip possibilities! A short paddle from Great Spirit Lodge will find you at the access points on Temagami Island where you can continue on for a short hike to check out the old growth forest! Bring your own canoe or stay tuned for canoe rental opportunities!


Boats big or small will fit in on Lake Temagami. With various wide open stretches of the lake water skiers and tubers can have a blast. Take a map and go on a sightseeing day trip or find your own private beach for the day. Just be careful, there are numerous rocks hiding just under the surface that could turn a great day into a rotten one. We even have a variety of boats available to rent!


Temagami Island is situated in plain view from the Great Spirit Lodge docks and offers a variety of different hiking trails for everyone including novice and experienced hikers alike! With some of the most breathtaking old growth forests in Ontario and protected forest landscapes you will not be disappointed! Other hikes can be accessed with just a short paddle or boat ride.  Maps of the lake and hiking trails are available at the Lodge shop.


Lake Temagami provides the perfect opportunity for relaxation-offering beautiful views and quiet, natural surroundings. Curl up with a book in a comfy chair on your deck, enjoy the sauna, or catch a vivid sunset from our secluded bay!


The pristine and clear waters of Lake Temagami make it a wonderful place to go for a nice, relaxing and refreshing swim. You can swim directly off the docks at Great Spirit Lodge and perhaps enjoy a warming sauna afterwards.


Lake Temagami is a photographer’s paradise! Offering miles of coastline, scenic vistas and an abundance of wildlife there is always something new and exciting to capture! If you plan on going on a photography expedition be sure to share your photos with us, we would love to see them.

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